AIS: European Funding to Boost North East skills


Up to £1.3million of European funding is up for grabs to help North East businesses upskill their workers thanks to AIS Connect.

Connect has successfully secured the substantial pot of European money through its collaborative partners Gateshead College and Durham Works in a bid to help local companies train their workforce in essential skills such as engineering, welding and scaffolding.

The overall aim of the initiative is to improve business growth and prosperity across the entire North-East region.

Group head of education at AIS, Rob Storey, said: “Skills shortages are a huge issue for employers. By working closely with individual companies, we can develop bespoke training programmes which match their needs. Creating a tailor-made competent and motivated workforce for the future. As well as helping regional companies deliver their own growth plans, this will ultimately help the North-East region as a whole to boost its competitiveness on a global stage.

“We are urging any business which thinks it can benefit from the European funding to give us a call and see how we can help.”

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