About Energi Coast

About Energi Coast

Energi Coast, which was set up in 2011, is the representative group for the North East of England's offshore renewables sector; promoting the extensive offshore renewable energy sector expertise from the region and North East England's unique offering to the industry.

The leading offshore renewables supply chain companies in North East England have been brought together by NOF to form Energi Coast.

Energi Coast promotes:

  • The capabilities of regional companies in servicing the offshore renewables markets in the UK, Europe and Globally.
  • The key competencies of North East England's integrated energy sector supply chain
  • The collaborative approach being taken by the regional renewables supply chain to bring innovation and technology to projects
  • North East England's excellent infrastructure and logistics capabilities enabling it to become an operational hub for the offshore renewables sector
  • The benefits of investing in North East England by key clients within the sector to further strengthen the regional offering and make best use of local supply chain expertise.

Chairman's Message

The role of the innovative supply chain in the story of the offshore wind industry is significant.

Technology-led companies, many with established presences in the offshore market in the oil & gas sector, have developed transferable and new solutions and working practices that have helped the UK become a leader in offshore wind generation.

Currently, offshore wind powers the equivalent of 4.5 million homes and will generate 10 percent of UK electricity by 2020.

It is with the support of the supply chain that the offshore renewables sector has progressively reduced construction and operational costs consistently improving the viability of offshore wind.

The cost of offshore wind has fallen by nearly 50 percent since 2015 and it is now one of the lowest cost options for new power in the UK, and is less expensive to produce than gas and nuclear power.

The North East of England and its cluster of integrated and collaborative offshore renewables supply chain companies have been instrumental in the offshore wind journey to date and is well-positioned to support new developments in UK waters and further afield.

The region can deliver every element for building an offshore wind farm, ranging from foundations, design, cables and cable laying. We have the best port facilities, the best engineers and an extensive track record to back it up.

From the earliest developments in renewable energy, North East England has been seen as a region that perfectly blends its industrial heritage and considerable offshore experience with a modern and innovative business environment, which enables it to be at the forefront of this increasingly important source of energy.

Since creating the first offshore wind farm off the coast of Blyth in 2000, the North East supply chain has evolved through the development of innovative and efficient products and services. These have been applied to multiple UK and international wind farms and are well-placed to serve upcoming projects including the significant Dogger Bank Offshore Wind Farms and Sofia off the North East of England coast.

In the years since Energi Coast was formed in 2011 to champion the region’s capabilities and depth and breadth of expertise of its supply chain, the North East of England’s group of companies has continued to mature into a progressive and established cluster, becoming increasingly recognised by the industry.

As the industry works towards an ambitious Sector Deal with UK Government, total Capex between 2017 and 2026 is expected to be almost €444 billion, and global cumulative capacity is expected to increase from 17.1GW in 2017 to 102.7GW by 2026, Energi Coast companies and the wider North East offshore renewables supply chain will have a major part to play in the important next chapters in the future of the sector.



James Ritchie

Chairman, Energi Coast & CEO Tekmar Energy

September 2018