About Energi Coast

About Energi Coast

Energi Coast is the North East of England’s Offshore Wind Cluster.

Originally set up in 2011, the group has recently been reconstituted to embrace wider stakeholder involvement and to show support for the Offshore Wind Sector Deal signed in March 2019.

Made up of more than 30 key regional businesses and stakeholder organisations involved in offshore wind, the group works to

  • Showcase the vast offshore wind supply chain capabilities within North East England
  • Promote the region as a key hub for servicing both the UK and International offshore wind markets
  • Demonstrate the collaborative approach being taken by the regional offshore wind supply chain to bring innovation and technology to projects
  • Showcase North East England's excellent infrastructure and logistics capabilities enabling it to become an operational hub for the offshore wind sector
  • Highlight the benefits of investing in North East England by key offshore wind clients to further strengthen the regional offering and make best use of local supply chain expertise.
  • Support the themes arising from the offshore wind sector deal announced in early 2019
  • Support the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership to ensure regional supply chain tap into programmes available to help grow their businesses in the sector

The cluster is made up of Developers, Ports, Supply Chain, Skills & Academia, Innovation & Research Organisations and the two Local Enterprise Partnerships. NOF is the service provider to Energi Coast.

The cluster has an Industry Group and a Cluster Management Group. To be part of the cluster, companies and organisations need to meet certain criteria.

Each Energi Coast participant acts as a regional offshore wind Ambassador and is committed to ensuring the cluster has a strong voice to represent the supply chain and this vibrant industry which has huge economic benefit for North East England.

Energi Coast also has a role to represent the wider offshore wind supply chain based in North East England and this is done through an active marketing campaign.

There are 8 offshore wind clusters throughout the UK, Energi Coast is the one which represents North East England.


James Ritchie

James Ritchie

Chair, Energi Coast


Joanne Leng

Joanne Leng MBE

Deputy Chair, Energi Coast